PropertyTime has introduced a virtual office model to the South African real estate market.

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PropertyTime is a Real Estate Agency with a unique concept which "Empowers Estate Agents". Run a business from home - under the PropertyTime umbrella - giving you the opportunity to manage your own affordable business and time for yourself but not by yourself. PropertyTime system creates an environment where you stop working to survive! Start working to excel. We believe we run a life success company! PropertyTime is significantly different to any other Real Estate business and it is one that is designed to create a symbiotic and co-operative relationship between agents, their common goal being to market property and make a decent living. This ultimately benefits our customers (buyers and sellers) who are "KING". They both have Estates Agents working together as a team with the common goal to market their property more effectively and/or finding that new home.


Business within a business. Ditch the traditional real estate model and take advantage of the PropertyTime opportunity. We empower you to work for yourself but not by yourself. We value peer-to-peer learning and want you to have our resources at your fingertips. A minimal monthly fee gives you access to our bespoke online platform, which includes everything you need to run and grow your business. No more office politics, corporate nonsense or empty promises. Just the opportunity to earn what you’re entitled to.

All stakeholders benefit. The unique PropertyTime model is designed to create opportunities for everyone, not just a few. Joined by a common goal to provide an excellent service to clients and be successful, we’re on your side.

Be your own boss. Are you ready to earn 91% to 94.6 % of your commission? If you want to join our family and become a PropertyTime agent, you have to have what it takes. More than just your training, certification and experience, you need to be one of us. We’re ambitious, self-disciplined entrepreneurs with the drive to become successful.

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