PropertyTime has introduced a virtual office concept to the South African real estate market for the entrepreneur real estate agent. PropertyTime offers a licensed operation model to suitable "Full Status" agents.

We launched an Area Manager License programme to accommodate experienced and performing agents who wish to own and operate their own businesses/ for themselves but not by themselves within identified areas without the costs and structures associated with traditional real estate services.

The PropertyTime Area Manager License grants the operator the right to utilize the registered brand, system, website, training programmes, documentation, contracts as well as access to the likes of the group awards, relationships, website strategy, referral programme, National Convention, etc within a defined area at a very low entry and operational cost.

The model positions the Area Manager to “Empower Estate Agents”. Agents that joins will also benefit enormously as they effectively manage their own business enabling us all too truly say “Where all stakeholders gain”


Embrace our mission and help "Empower Estate Agents" while reaping massive benefits!

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